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Newly Released OPPO Find 7 Pictures Two Weeks Prior To Release Date

Newly Released OPPO Find 7 Pictures Two Weeks Prior To Release Date

So it has happened again. Yet another leak has surfaced. But this one is a little unusual. Red Dot has posted up a picture of the OPPO Find 7 before the actual release date on March 19th. This really shatters OPPO’s hopes of keeping it under wraps in order to build up excitement for the not so well-known Find 7.

The phone is about 5.5″ and has some interesting features that we are still excited for such as the Qaud HD screen and “breath light” notifications bar towards the bottom. The Find 7 looks rather sleek and finished compared to the Find 5. Overall none of the excitement has been ruined. 

One rumor we can exclude now that we have seen the pics is the 50-megapixel camera. That is definitely not 50-megapixels, unless they have developed technology that can compact such components into such a tight space (If they had developed such a thing, we would have covered it). That might not even be 20-megapixels and engadget thinks that that is most likely an ordinary 13-megapixel camera. Sorry to all you photographers out there who don’t like Windows and don’t wish to enjoy a Nokia Lumia 1020.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but we need a thousand more specific words. The phone spec wise is pretty mysterious and that’s the way the OPPO likes it. We are going to have to wait two weeks to get the full details on this phone. Once they become available, we will let you know. But for now  we have to wait and see what the Find 7 throws our way and how it compares to the Find 5 along with why it’s a good device choice.

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