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Galaxy S5 Soon To Come With A Second Edition?

Galaxy S5 Soon To Come With A Second Edition?
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We have all heard the rumors lately of a cheaper version of the S5 or maybe even a metal version. They could all still be rumors and myths. The only thing we know is that according to some import logs, there could be a second version or addition to the S5.

These import logs could tell us a whole lot of different things. I’ll just go into detail of one of those things. A second model. The original Galaxy S5 has a model number being SM-G900. But what we see in the import logs is a second model under the name SM-G800. The S5 (SM-G900) is priced by India’s Zauba database at around $542. Now get this: the price of the SM-G800 comes out to $520.

It may not be a big difference in price, but it sure is something worth noting. If this is the case then we could be looking at a lower performing addition, possibly a S5 Neo. Both prices are pretty high anyways and could both be flagships, according to pocketnow

Then again, this could be nothing at all. Maybe we are all getting our hopes up. Let’s just hope that Samsung has something up there sleeve that could surprise us all.

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