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iPhone Case With More Features Than You Would Expect

iPhone Case With More Features Than You Would Expect

With new technology comes new features. Some features are amazingly in-depth and provide more information than we could imagine for such small devices. With the new Galaxy S5 and it’s heart monitor and the new Galaxy Gear Fit, we can always keep an eye out for our health. But it doesn’t only lie with Samsung. The FitBit band has the ability to track your movements throughout the day giving an incredibly accurate visual on you routines and habits.

But what does Apple have to offer? As of yet, not much in the health aspect of things. But there is a hope from other technology makers such as Azoi.

Azoi is said to have come up with an iPhone case that can measure certain things such as vital signs, heart rate, lung function, temperature, oxygen saturation, and blood pressure.

To imagine the work put into this device is amazing. So to make up the hours of labor and programming, the device will be priced at $199. The actual name of the case is called the Wello Case.

But there is hope for the pricing. By referring people to buy the case, you get a discount. The discount is $10 off every person you refer and it is available for pre-order here. The case is available in the following models: 4s, 5, and 5s.

Since the device probably won’t be available until autumn, there is a large chance some other device will come out with some similar features. So we’ll keep an eye for some more health tech to let you know what the best choice might be.

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