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Is The HTC M8 What We Really Want? Or Is This One Better?

Is The HTC M8 What We Really Want? Or Is This One Better?

The HTC M8 is probably the worst kept secret in the industry right now with leaks everywhere you turn. We know for sure just about everything on this device, and not everyone likes it. There are people who love the design, but if you’re like me, you might not quite agree with them.

As you can see in the leaked press shot below, the HTC M8, or “All New HTC One”, has a more rounded design around the whole phone as well as some other interesting design features. For instance, the dual-camera setup isn’t very aesthetically pleasing to many people and the HTC logo on the front is considered wasted space by the majority of the tech industry. It doesn’t really serve a purpose that we are aware of, but it’s always possible HTC has a final trick up it’s sleeve. Another feature of the phone that has been changed in the HTC M8 is the Boomsound speakers on the front, and we’re not sure it was for the better. On the original HTC One the speaker were the same size on both the top and bottom but on the M8, they aren’t. For those who are OCD or even just a little picky about the design of their phone, this almost definitely will be a problem for them. The HTC M8 has a lot of design quirks, unlike it’s predecessor, but what if it didn’t? What if the HTC M8 looked exactly like we expected from the successor to the drop dead gorgeous HTC One?

Google+ user Alex Hong has given us just that with his design of the HTC M8. Using some impressive Photoshop skills, he was able to design an HTC M8 that we would actually want to buy. Most of the major flaws we see in the M8 have been fixed in this concept design. Even though it’s too late for HTC to take this and use it in the final product, that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine an HTC M8 like this. The design on the phone refines it to a level that would make it just as appealing, if not more than the original HTC One.

In his concept (which you can see below) Alex has removed the second camera on the back bringing us back to a more refined and minimal design. We still have yet to learn exactly what the purpose of the second camera is, but most people would agree that they would prefer having a single high quality camera than two lower megapixel UltraPixel cameras for the sake of the look of the device. This would set the HTC M8 ahead of every other Android manufacturer because of their incredible build quality. The M8 would truly be the Android iPhone in terms of it’s build.

But what about the software? Not everyone is a fan of HTC’s Sense skin. Sense 6 is bringing a lot of improvements to the skin, but do you really want that skin? Not everyone enjoys a skin on their device, but most people do enjoy the look and functionality of Stock Android. Sense does have a lot of nice features but many simply don’t like it.

Other than some of Alex’s minor design changes such as the speaker grill on the top, we have one of the best design improvements we could get, the HTC logo on the front, is gone. This logo, as far as we are aware, doesn’t really serve a  purpose on the M8 since it has on-screen navigation keys instead of hardware capacitive like on the original HTC One. taking that away allows the screen size to be increased and even reduce the bezels.

So what do you think about the HTC M8? Do you like it the way it is, quirks and all, or would you want it refined a little bit more? Does this design entice you? Let us know in the comments!


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