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iPhone 6C Concept Shows Us A Plastic Phone From Apple That We Want

iPhone 6C Concept Shows Us A Plastic Phone From Apple That We Want

One of the most appealing parts of Apple is their build quality and premium materials. For years now Apple has been building with metal and we have loved it. In 2013 however, Apple tried something new in the iPhone 5C. The 5C was a plastic iPhone available in a variety of colors. Unfortunately the consumer didn’t see the 5C like Apple did since sales were very low. So will Apple try again with their “apologetically plastic” iPhone? If they do, we’d have to hope they will use this concept.

The concept shown in the video below was designed by Joesph Farahi and shows us a thinner, better looking, and larger version of the iPhone 5C. It’s half as thick and comes in the same color palette as the iPhone 5C. The phone also now looks to have Touch ID which is a welcome addition. You can check out the full video right down below. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Concept Specifications:

– 4.7 inch Retina Display 
– 8 MP Camera, True Tone Flash
– 120 fps Video Recording
– Touch ID Sensor
– White/Black Front Panel
– Full Black Model
– 116 Grams
– 7.1 Depth
– Mini Aux ( As in iPhone 6 Concept)
– Stereo Sound in/out
– Lightning 2 ( Faster Charging And Data Transfer)

Via: IntoMobile

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