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First Photo From LG G3 Surfaces – Is It Real Though?

First Photo From LG G3 Surfaces – Is It Real Though?

When you clicked on that title you probably didn’t expect to see a cat when you opened the article but don’t leave. Supposedly this is the first picture taken with LG’s upcoming LG G3, the successor to the popular LG G2.

On an innocent message board asking which phone to buy, a user mentioned the G2 asking if it was a good choice. The LG G2 is definitely an amazing smartphone and is still one of the best on the market, but the Galaxy S5 killer LG G3 isn’t too far off either. In the mentioned message board a user mentioned that a friend of his was testing the G3 for a carrier and had recieved some pictures taken with the device. The picture he then posted (of the friend’s cat) shows what we may be seeing later this year.

EXIF data on the photo reveals the model number LG-D972 which may be the model number on the LG G3. This is backed by some model numbers Phone Arena came into contact with a couple months ago. The picture’s dimensions are 4160×2342 with an astounding level of detail. 

What do you think? Is this really from LG’s next flagship?

Via: Phone Arena

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