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HTC M8 Pops Up On UK Retailer For Pre-Order – Spec List Shown

HTC M8 Pops Up On UK Retailer For Pre-Order – Spec List Shown

Leaks of HTC’s next flagship aren’t slowing down at all and with the release less than a month away, we can expect that to continue. Today UK retailer MobileFun posted the pre-order page for the upcoming phone which includes a full specifications list and a possible price.

First off, the specifications. The successor of the HTC One had a lot to live up to in nearly every department, and it seems HTC has done a good job in improving the specifications for the most part. The design of the phone has been “refined for inspired results” according to the listing. Inside we are looking at a powerful Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.3 GHz along with 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and all the standard radios you would expect in the typical HTC One. This listing doesn’t specify which carriers the phone will be found on since it is a SIM free GSM model. We also see that Android 4.4.2 will be available out of the box. The screen size has been upgraded from 4.7″ inches to a 5″ inch 1080p display. On the back the cameras (yes cameras) have also been updated to 5MP Ultrapixel shooters up from the 4MP on the first HTC One. Unfortunately this product listing didn’t clarify what the dual-camera setup is for but we don’t have long to wait for that. 

Interestingly the product listing uses @evleaks pictures of the device instead of stock photos from HTC. This could help to confirm the shots from @evleaks or make us not believe these shots.

The price listed on the product listing is assumed to be a placeholder until HTC officially announces the device. At least we hope since not to many people would be willing to pay $950+ for this device. What do you think?


Via: Android Headlines

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