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Update For Google Hangouts

Update For Google Hangouts
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If you use Google+, then you most likely use Google hangouts as well. If you own an iPad or iPhone AND use Google hangouts, then this article might interest you.

Recently Google decided to put out some new stuff on Android devices, but they didn’t forget about iOS. They released a new update that optimizes the iPad display and gives the app a whole new design. I can honestly say that I do like the update because it redesigns the whole layout and looks.

The update allows you to take 10 second videos to send quickly, possibly playing off of the app SnapChat. Google adds new “stickers” that are animated to show your emotions, if you happened to have trouble without prior. 

Now just because the design has been updated, that doesn’t mean Google didn’t focus on the inner workings of hangouts. They claim that performance has been tweaked for the better. Although it’s optimized for iOS 7.0, it still runs with iOS 6.0.

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