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A New Tony Hawk Game Is Coming

A New Tony Hawk Game Is Coming

In an interview with Bloomberg, Tony Hawk confirmed the existence of a new Tony Hawk game, not for the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One, but exclusively for mobile.

He reiterated that he is enthusiastic about the project because of the amount of time people spend on their mobile devices now;

“We’ve never gone exclusively that direction yet so I am excited, with the amount of time people are spending on their phones and their tablets playing games, we’ve never had our own game in that space so I’m excited to provide one finally.”

Activision has not formally announced the game, so there is no title or release date yet, though it will likely carry the same branding as previous games in the franchise.

It would have been nice to see a brand new Tony Hawk game on a next-gen console, but Activision seems to be taking into account the risk. Since the last core Tony Hawk game came out 7 years ago, this new game may be a way to test the waters for a new game in the series, more so than the Pro Skater remake that came out in 2012.

Here’s to hoping it’s not free-to-play though. The last thing the mobile market needs is another micro-transaction-riddled game.

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