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The OnePlus One Will Be Priced Under $400

The OnePlus One Will Be Priced Under $400

Anticipation has been building up for the OnePlus One, also known as the first true CyanogenMod phone and now we know that our pockets won’t suffer for this device. Today the CEO of OnePlus revealed that their first phone, the OnePlus One would sell for under $400. This is after the company earlier confirmed that the price would be below $500.

The OnePlus One is expected to be unveiled in Q2 of this year with impressive specifications. The will support 9 LTE bands, using the “the best components and 2014 specs” and of course run the latest version of CyanogenMod right out of the box. 

Are you saving up your hard earned money for this device? It should definitely be an interesting phone upon release. Is the sub $400 price point right for you?

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