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“The New YotaPhone” Announced At MWC – Touch Enabled Rear E-Ink Panel

“The New YotaPhone” Announced At MWC – Touch Enabled Rear E-Ink Panel

Last year we saw the release of an interesting concept known as the YotaPhone. On the front the phone looked like your standard Android smartphone, but flipping it around to the back showed what made it unique, an e-ink display. This display showed you information at a glance and could stay on for days on end without draining hardly any battery. It was an interesting concept and caught the interest of many, but now Yota Devices is looking to improve it. Today at MWC they’ve announced the New YotaPhone which brings a new, much better design and a touch-enabled e-ink panel.

The new YotaPhone has a full 4.7″ inch rear panel with a better pixel density. It also has an integrated light for when it’s dark outside. The e-ink panel also now has new functionality including responding to SMS, answering phone calls, posting to social networks and more. That is all using only the e-ink panel which uses very little power. Yota claims that the phone will get around 50 hours of battery life.

The phone also now including better specs under the hood including a Snapdragon 800, Wireless Charging, and NFC. The full color display on the front has also been upgraded to a 5″ inch AMOLED panel. The device will go on sale in Russian and EMEA markets in Q4 of this year and hitting Asian and US markets in the quarter or two after that. 

Via: Android Police

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