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Pictures Of Galaxy S5 Leak Out Ahead Of Launch – Shows Recent Apps Button, Larger Screen And More

Pictures Of Galaxy S5 Leak Out Ahead Of Launch – Shows Recent Apps Button, Larger Screen And More

With the Galaxy S5 launching only a few hours from now, we finally know for sure what the phone will look like. It’s appearance is extremely similar to the Galaxy S4 but appears to have a dual-LED flash, larger screen size, and a more textured back.

In the first picture we see the phone with the screen on with a great look at the TouchWiz interface on board. Icons on TouchWiz now have a slightly more flat design and we also see a new minimal wallpaper and a more refined status bar. The status bar almost appears almost stock like with much less clutter. The icons are also all white as this device is running Android 4.4 KitKat.

Next we see the back of the phone next to the Galaxy S4. This reveals a textured back panel. Unfortunately this is not the faux leather that everyone enjoyed so much on the Note 3. Beneath the much larger camera sensor there is also what appears to be a dual-LED flash. Overall the footprint of the phone has increased which means we are also going to see an increase in screen size. It’s expected that the S5 will pack a 5.2″ inch 1080p display similar to what we see in the LG G2.

Next we get a good look at the button layout on the S5. Like the S4 and numerous other Samsung devices, we see a physical home button, back button, but this time Samsung has swapped the menu button for a Recent Apps button. This is a welcome change to the new device.

After that we catch a quick look at the camera interface. It’s unknown what size camera sensor the S5 will bring but a 16-20MP shooter is expected. The camera interface looks similar to how it did in the past but it has been slightly refined. 

The last photo shows off the bottom of the device which reveals a USB port cover. This leads us to believe that the S5 will launch with waterproofing in every model of the phone similar to Sony’s devices.

Stay tuned for more about the Galaxy S5 as the day moves forward and be sure to tune in to this week’s episode of iTechTriad Live to hear our team’s opinions on the new device.


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