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Google’s Smartwatch Made By LG – Announced At I/O 2014?

Google’s Smartwatch Made By LG – Announced At I/O 2014?

There have been several smartwatches released over the past year including the Qualcomm Toq, Pebble, and Samsung Gear. While the Qualcomm hasn’t done well in market, the Pebble has become very popular. Samsung took their first shot at a smartwatch with the Galaxy Gear in 2013, and just recently releasing the Gear 2. But where’s Google and Apple in this market? When will they join in? According to new rumors, Google might be making their move this June.

According to both TechCrunch and @evleaks, Google will be releasing their first smartwatch this year at their annual developer conference, Google I/O. The watch is rumored to be made by LG. This is not the first time we’ve heard rumors about a Google smartwatch since patents reveal Google’s interest in the market. 

According to TechCrunch, designers from the Android team at Google is confirmed to be working on the design of the watch. Release dates were originally expected in March of 2014, but now it seems that Google has decided to push it back to Google I/O. @evleaks also told us that the device would be unveiled at MWC in a tweet. 

Of course all of this is still just rumor since Google hasn’t confirmed anything yet. We can expect more information over the coming months as more leaks come forward and possibly an official release.

Via: Android Police

Source: TechCrunch@evleaks

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