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Fleksy Releases Fleksy SDK For iOS, The First Alternate Keyboard Available Across The Entire iOS Ecosystem

Fleksy Releases Fleksy SDK For iOS, The First Alternate Keyboard Available Across The Entire iOS Ecosystem

Have you ever wanted to use a different keyboard on your iPhone? Maybe jealous of your Android friends who can swap their keyboards with ease? Well Fleksy is looking to change the way we type on our iOS devices.

If you are unfamilar with Fleksy than all you need to know is that it is an intuitive keyboard that has predictive typing and a theme engine. It’s been available on Android for a short time, and an iOS app has been available for a few weeks allowing use of the keyboard on iOS devices. But what if you could use it outside of the Fleksy app?

With the release of the Fleksy SDK for iOS devices, the company is trying something that no one else has, the use of an alternate keyboard outside of an app on iOS. Your phone does not need to be jailbroken in order to use the keyboard. How can they do that you might ask. Fleksy’s new SDK works through your applications and the SDK is available to any app developer to implement into their app. The SDK has been in private beta for a couple months and during that time a few apps partnered with Fleksy to bring the functionality to their apps. 

Now that the SDK is out of private beta several apps will be updated today with the SDK inside. These apps include: 

  • Cotton Notes
  • hAppy for ADN
  • Matcha
  • MUDRammer
  • Remoter Pro
  • SnapStatus
  • Tap Forms Organizer
  • Vert 2
  • Write For iOS
  • You Doodle

More are also on the way. 

“Today’s launch is a significant milestone for us. Within just a few days, thousands of developers can bring the magic of Fleksy into their apps, for free. We can’t wait to see the response of the developer community and see Fleksy become a standard feature of every app,”

– Kosta Eleftheriou, CEO of Fleksy

If you are a developer you can get the SDK for your app here and you can download the Fleksy app now for your iPhone here, free of charge.

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