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Apple Wants To Release Two Phones This Year, But One Won’t Be An iPhone

Apple Wants To Release Two Phones This Year, But One Won’t Be An iPhone

Recently new reports from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News are saying that this year Apple wants to release two different phones. One will be the usual iPhone, but the other supposedly will not. Confused? Let me explain.

This year Apple wants to produce their regular iPhone 6 with a 4.7” display but they also want to make another phone with a 5.6” display. This phone, interestingly enough, WILL NOT be called an “iPhone”. This is Apple’s decision because its their experimental phone. It will also feature the awaited sapphire glass while the iPhone will use the regular gorilla glass.

The report says that Foxconn will assemble and produce this device along with some help from Cheng Uei Precision Industry and Simplo Technology. Apple’s new business partner, GT Advanced, will be helping out by making the sapphire glass for the 5.6” phone.

Rumors are still floating around our heads here at iTechTriad like moths. Reports from Korea and China are contradicting each other about whether or not the screen will have a bezel or be flat. We have also heard that the phone might be thinner and have a brand new 10-megapixel camera or maybe even higher. No one knows for sure.

Apple has a pattern of releasing their devices in the time around September. That is the release date timeframe we expect to see from them.

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