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HTC Sends Out “Save The Date” For March 25th – HTC M8 In Store?

HTC Sends Out “Save The Date” For March 25th – HTC M8 In Store?

As we are all looking out for the successor to the highly praised HTC M8, leaks have come, but nothing official. Now HTC is sending out press invites stating to “Save The Date” for March 25th. This means we probably won’t see the HTC M8 at MWC but rather at a separate event. It’s unknown where the event will be held but it’s expected to be in New York City.

We are expected to see the M8 released at this event and possibly the M8 Mini. The M8 is expected to include a 1080p display along with a Snapdragon 800. On-screen buttons are also expected and a strange dual-camera setup on the back.

Make sure to write down Tuesday March 25th not only for HTC’s unveiling of the M8 but our full recap during that week’s episode of iTechTriad Live.


Via: Android Headlines

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