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Koush Shows Off Android Mirroring To Chromecast

Koush Shows Off Android Mirroring To Chromecast

After the release of the Chromecast SDK, famous developer Koushik Dutta quickly got to work messing around with the functionality of it. First updating his app AllCast, now Koush is looking to allow Android users to mirror their devices to the $35 streaming dongle. 

Last week Koush teased us in a Google+ post that he was working on the functionality and now it seems he’s done it. The app is shown off in the video below with both the now infamous game Flappy Bird, and the Twitter app. In the video Koush only shows mirroring in portrait mode but in the comments he did say that landscape mode does work just fine and does fill in the entire screen.

No further details were released about the app including whether or not it needed root, when it would be available, and if it would be free or paid.

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