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ASUS Chromebooks Coming Soon?

ASUS Chromebooks Coming Soon?

The Chromebook market has been rapidly growing over the past months with releases from Toshiba, Lenovo and many others, the platform is quickly becoming popular. The market is currently dominated by three brands however, Acer, HP, and Samsung. ASUS hasn’t made they’re first step into the Chromebook market, but it looks like they are planning on doing so very soon.

A new leak of what appears to be an internal strategy document shows that ASUS is indeed planning on launching not one, but two Chromebook models this year. The C200 and C300 are expected to launch this year but the timing is unknown. This isn’t ASUS’ first step into the Chrome OS market as they did launch the smallest Chromebox ever not long ago which will be for sale soon at the low price of $179. Unfortunately we don’t know what ASUS is planning for their Chromebooks but we can hope that they will have an inexpensive model in the C200 and a high-end performance machine in the C300. Of course we could be seeing the first Chrome OS hybrid as ASUS could use their Transformer line as a basis for the Chromebooks. That of course, is only speculation.


Via: 9to5 Google

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