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The Newest iPhone 6 Leaks!

The Newest iPhone 6 Leaks!

For a very long time now, people have been anxious to see Apple’s new developments. Well recently leaked pictures of a supposed iPhone 6 back panel seem to point us in the right direction. These pictures were released just tonight and have already started up a fire of excitement. This could very well be the real thing. If so, then it would give us an idea of how the phone will actually be!

9to5 Mac has actually used the size of the camera lens and the flash space to determine how big the phone will actually be. This is assuming Apple uses the same size camera components as in the iPhone 5s. So if this is the case, the new iPhone 6 will be much larger than the previous version.

No one is really sure whether this is the real thing, including the person who tweeted these pics, Sonny Dickson. He tweeted these pics right before uploading them to his site. Now the back panel does sort of match the iPhone pattern and designs in the past, pointed out by PocketNow. So if this is the real thing, and all the rumors are true, we’re wondering what the front panel looks like!

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