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Will the HTC M8 Be On Your Carrier?

Will the HTC M8 Be On Your Carrier?

It seems that the upcoming HTC M8 might be available on your specific carrier! It is supposedly available to AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon according to the leaked images from AndroidHeadlines. This new information has not yet been confirmed by HTC themselves.

The HTC M8 has a bunch of features we are optimistic about. Remember, none of this has been confirmed as of yet, but it’s definitely a possibility. There are awaited features such as the Dual flash on the back as well as the Dual-lens Camera.

The document listed above is from the Bluetooth SIG website. It shows that the device has been recently approved by HTC. AndroidHeadlines points out that the HTC One has the same model number (OP6B) as the HTC M8 referred to above. If it wasn’t the successor, wouldn’t there be a different number listed? Again, it is not confirmed! Nothing is written in stone just yet. But the M8 has been spoken of with the same model number (OP6B).

This could definitely be the real deal. But only time will tell. As long as new leaks come out, there will be new coverage. We will keep our eyes out.

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