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Galaxy Gear 2 Pricing To Compete With The Rumored iWatch And Even The Pebble?

Galaxy Gear 2 Pricing To Compete With The Rumored iWatch And Even The Pebble?

As February 24th quickly approaches, we can expect to start seeing more leaks of the Galaxy S5, and the rumored Galaxy Gear 2. Samsung’s first attempt at a smartwatch released to mixed reviews. Some people loved and some hated it, but no matter how you look at it, there were two major flaws with the device.

First of all the watch only worked with Samsung devices, and at first exclusively with the Note 3. Ignoring the exclusivity of the Gear the price still turned off many people since the Gear was priced at a jaw-dropping $299, almost double the price of the more popular Pebble.

Now it seems that Samsung wants to learn from their mistakes and bring the Galaxy Gear 2 to a lower price point to compete with watches such as the Pebble and Sony’s smartwatch as well as the rumored iWatch from Apple. It’s unknown what price point Samsung will shoot for with their second attempt on the Gear but it can be expected to be much lower than the current $299 price point. Even though the iWatch is still simply a rumor, Samsung is right in trying to perfect theirs before Apple comes out with their version.

It’s very possible that Samsung will release the Gear 2 at MWC alongside the Galaxy S5 but it’s not official until Samsung says so.


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