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Viral Hit Flappy Bird Going Down Tomorrow?

Viral Hit Flappy Bird Going Down Tomorrow?

The number one free app available now, is being taken down tomorrow. After becoming a viral hit, Flappy Bird has been played over and over and become both a fun and frustrating game for everyone. 

Dong Nguyen, the developer of the game announced on Twitter today that he was sorry to announce that the popular game would be taken down Sunday morning. He stated as a reason that he “couldn’t take it anymore”. He also stated that it wasn’t related to legal issues, but that he simply couldn’t keep it anymore. The developer is not selling the game to other developers but will however continue developing other games. 

Presumably the game won’t simply stop working, but if you haven’t already downloaded it you just won’t be able to download from the app store anymore. The downloaded game should still work but that has not been confirmed by the developer. Android users can sideload apks if they need to re-install the game, but if you’re on iOS be sure to have the game installed if you plan to keep playing it. 

This comes as a surprise after it was announced that the game was making $50,000 daily for the developer so his reasoning for wanting to take down the game is strange indeed.

Via: TechCrunch

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