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Mac Birthday Ad Not Shown In the Super Bowl. Why?

Mac Birthday Ad Not Shown In the Super Bowl. Why?

The newly released Apple shows how Macintosh really kickstarted a whole new idea in technology. While watching this ad, I was extremely impressed with all our scientific and technological advancements in society. The video expresses the idea that all our advancements were because of the Macintosh. They claim that the entire video was shot on iPhones in one day, on the Macintosh’s birthday, 1/24/14.

The video starts out with a quote:

30 years ago we introduced the Macintosh. It promised to put technology in the hands of the people.

The whole video builds around the fact that because of technology, people are able to create wonders and amazement. They are able to express themselves and express each other.

But why wasn’t the video shown during the Super Bowl? Maybe they didn’t want to shell out millions of dollars. Maybe they didn’t want to compromise the seemingly innocence of Apple’s innovation in history. Whatever the case may be, Apple did showcase the ad not on the Super Bowl, but on their own website and YouTube. Even without the Super Bowl, the video went viral almost immediately.

But it seems like Microsoft was trying to compete with Apple with their ad about how Microsoft is currently changing the technology world. Apple might be stuck celebrating the past while Microsoft is celebrating the future.

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