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Pebble Releases iOS App For It’s Smartwatch

Pebble Releases iOS App For It’s Smartwatch

Pebble smart watches were a great idea. They are independent from other “smart watches” by having it’s own apps and programs. Well in order to get those apps, you need a third-party, whether it be a computer, tablet, or phone.

Well, the creators of the SmartWatch already know this and have been working on an app that allows you to install these apps directly on to your watch from your iPhone. The app makes it easy to find all necessary programs to fit your needs. These apps can range from utilities to games, much like the current Google Play Store or App Store. In a blog post from Pebble, they also mention that watch faces in a large variety will be included in the store.

While this may seem exciting (and it is), you can only access up to 8 apps on your watch. Pebble’s solution to the problem: The “Locker”.

The Locker feature allows you to store recently downloaded programs on your phone for easy installation at a later date. This is pretty useful if you are like me and can’t decide if you want this app, or the other.

While the app is only available for Apple products, Pebble says the application is soon to come to Android devices across the board. I’m sure all Android/Pebble users are happy about that.



“This makes it easier than ever to find your next favorite app ­­— whether you’re tracking your workout, managing your music, or controlling your thermostat. But the Pebble app store is more than just a centralized location for apps and watch faces. We’re curating the app store to bring you the best apps and watch faces every day.”

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