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Chromecast SDK Now Available To Developers

Chromecast SDK Now Available To Developers

The Google Chromecast is a very popular low-cost streaming device. For only $35 you can stream your favorite video and audio on your HDTV, controlled by your phone. One point of the device is that it lacks apps. Only a handful of apps are available. That however, is soon to change. 

Today Google announced that the “Google Cast Software Development Kit” (Chromecast SDK) would be available publicly to developers. This will allow developers to include the ability to cast content from their websites or apps to a Chromecast. 

If you’re not a developer however, you can still be excited. This means that you will soon have many more services to choose from when using your Chromecast. Apps and sites will be updated over time, so keep an eye out for that “cast” icon.

If you don’t already have a Chromecast, now is the time to get one. The device is currently in stock both at the Google Play Store and on for $35. Also be sure to check out our review!


Update: Google Play Services 4.2 is rolling out to Android devices to allow for the new Cast SDK to work.

More Info: Google Developers Blog

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