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The Advanced Technology and Projects Group Is Safe!

The Advanced Technology and Projects Group Is Safe!

When Motorola was announced to be sold to Lenovo, people all over the social media spectrum threw a HUGE tantrum. Everyone had a different opinion. Our Google+ feeds were blowing up when this news hit! Now why were they mad? One big reason was how the Moto X was a fabulous invention by Motorola. People are wondering if the future of this product will continue as planned or will it be dumped. Well no one is certain at all.

We can tell you one thing, though. The future of Project Ara is still secure. How do we know this? Well when Google accepted the offer from Lenovo, the offer DID NOT include the Advanced Technology and Projects group. The team will move from Motorola and into Google’s hands. They will be working for Google’s Android team from now on.

The team will start working on new advancements and highly advanced new technology. They will be working on Google’s many “headlining” projects that would change the orientation and use of the mobile world.


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