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PlayStation 4 Soon To Be Able To Play PS1 And PS2 Games

PlayStation 4 Soon To Be Able To Play PS1 And PS2 Games

The PlayStation 4 is already an incredible console simply with the sales it has already. Within the first day they sold over a million consoles, and many more since then. One problem many people have with the PS4 is the lack of backwards compatibility. Sony looks to fix that with PlayStation Now, a service that allows gamers to stream their favorite games from any of the previous PlayStation consoles. But is that the only way to play your favorite old games?

According to a “well-placed source”, Sony may be allowing games from both the first and second versions of the PlayStation console. The source states that only PlayStation 3 titles are scheduled to use the “gameplay over IP” PlayStation Now cloud service. They also claim that games from the first and second PlayStation consoles will follow a slightly more conventional route by using hardware emulation to play the games, possibly even with HD visual graphics enhancements.

Early in it’s life cycle, the PS3 had the ability to use this same hardware emulation to play games from previous generations. The PS3 acutally still has the fireware necessary to emulate the PS1, PS2, and the PSP. The PS Vita also has the same technology on-board. This means that Sony without a doubt has the resources to make this happen, and it can only get better on the extremely powerful PlayStation 4 console. Sony is also actively pursuing to run older titles without the blurriness seen when up-scaling seen when playing older games on the PS3 and unofficial PC emulators.

What do you think? Do you want do be able to use your favorite games from previous versions of the PlayStation?

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