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How Does Apple Relate To Social Media?

How Does Apple Relate To Social Media?

On Thursday, a survey was released by the research firm “Market Wired”. The study provided by them tells us a lot about the tech world recently. Even though this article focuses mostly on Apple’s products, it doesn’t exactly give us a clear view of how the other guys (Windows, Android, etc.) are doing in the business.

Credit: Market Wired and CNET

Credit: Market Wired and CNET

The study shows that:

560 Million Tweets

7.5 Million Blog Posts

6.6 Million News Articles


25.9 Million Forum Entries

had something to do with Apple in some way, whether it be the iPhone or the iPad. One major thing missing from this study is the nature of these posts, tweets, and entries. We don’t know if they are positive posts about the excitement of Apple’s new products or negative comments on the state of Apple’s innovation lately.

Something else CNET pointed out was that women tended to talk more about Apple’s hardware while men talked more about iOS in general. The graph shows that 30% of all of these comments were from the US. China was right behind it with 19%.

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