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Throwback Thursday: Mac Edition

Throwback Thursday: Mac Edition

Remember these? Some of you do. Ahh the good old days where you have to manually insert a physical disk to pull up a program. Then you would wait for that program to load and BOOM!… You’re drawing something….

Well if you never had that opportunity, then now you can buy one on E-bay for around… $1,598.

Ever since 2004, says CNET, the price has been rising from about $604. Maybe one of the main reasons it’s so expensive, even being practically a dinosaur, is because this week is it’s 30th Anniversary!

30 years ago the price was way higher than $1,598. The price was a huge $2,495. An important note though, is that this was an innovation in human society. A huge leap in technology. Who would have thought that 30 years down the line, we would be where we are in technological innovation.


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