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Diverse Icon Pack Review

Diverse Icon Pack Review

Icon packs can bring a brand new style to any Android device. There are thousands to choose from, and each one has it’s own unique style, most of the time. Every icon pack is loved by some, and hated by others. I had the opportunity to review a new pack created by a very talented developer named Alex Cronin. The pack is call “Diverse” and it brings a very unique and simplistic design to the market. This pack is probably one of my favorite icon packs yet, and that’s saying something. Over the past several months I’ve probably spent $30-$40 on various icon packs around the Play Store, all made by very talented developers, but this one quickly became a favorite.

It brings a square shape to each icon along with a simplistic, limited color palette. If you are into minimalistic home screen designs, then this pack is definitely for you. It has a dark theme to it with colored accents. The dark background on each icon help each icon stand out on your home screen. Some of my favorite looking icons included feedly, Google+, YouTube, and of course the iTechTriad app icon. At the time of writing this review the pack includes 404 different icons but is updated fairly regularly. Some of my favorite icons are featured to the below.

The pack also includes 15 elegantly designed wallpapers that fit with the icons perfectly. The app that comes with the pack is simple to use and includes features such as an Icon Request Form and options to apply the theme or wallpapers. The pack is compatible with most major launchers including Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, Action Launcher Pro and more.

You can purchase Diverse on Google Play for $1.50 at the link down below.

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