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HP Chromebook 11 With LTE Now Available From Best Buy

HP Chromebook 11 With LTE Now Available From Best Buy

The HP Chromebook is easily the best looking Chromebook at it’s price point, but has suffered some charger issues which took it off the shelves for months. Now it’s back in stock in most places, and at Best Buy, it’s got a brother. The LTE HP Chromebook 11 connects to Verizon’s LTE network and costs an extra $100 on top of the WiFi only model. Keep in mind however that at the current time the LTE variant of this device is only available in White/Blue and is currently only sold in Best Buy retail stores. This device does not include any offers for free 4G data like some other Chromebooks do.

Buy the LTE HP Chromebook 11 now from Best Buy

If you aren’t looking for a Chromebook that connects to Verizon’s network, you may want to look at the HP 14 that includes 4GB of RAM, 4G LTE through T-Mobile, and a 32GB SSD all for the same $379 price tag. That model however is a Costco exclusive.

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