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How To Prevent Google+ Users From Emailing You

How To Prevent Google+ Users From Emailing You

Yesterday Google introduced the ability to send emails to anyone in your Google+ profile. Now anyone who has you in their circles can send you an email to your personal Gmail account. Luckily they won’t see your address unless you respond, but this still can be annoying, especially if you have alot of followers. There’s an easy way to disable it, so let’s get started.

First, you need to click the settings button on Gmail and find the “General” tab. If you scroll down the page you should come across a section called “Email Via Google+”. There is a dropdown menu which gives you the abiilty to choose who can email you using Google+. You can choose Anyone on Google+, which is set by default, Extended Circles, Your Circles, or No one.

This feature is nothing new. There has been a setting on Google+ for a long time that does the exact same thing. The new feature is that you can now change the setting on Gmail.

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