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PSA: The Verizon Moto G Only Available On Prepaid Lines

PSA: The Verizon Moto G Only Available On Prepaid Lines

You might have known this and you might now have, but the Moto G isn’t as good a deal as you might think. When the Verizon model of the Moto G was released, Motorola and Verizon cut the low price down even further to make the off-contract price of the phone only $99. This seems like an amazing deal, but before you go pick it up, you might want to read the fine print.

The Moto G can only be activated on prepaid lines. So if you were looking to replace your old phone that you’re on a contract with, your out of luck. The Verizon Moto G needs to be active on a prepaid line for 6 months in order to be transferred to a standard line. I personally approached Verizon to see if there was anyway to activate the Moto G on a standard line and I was given the following statement:

The Moto G must be active on a prepaid line for 6 months before it can be put on a regular line.”

So unfortunately the Moto G can’t be a reliable backup phone for all of us on Verizon. I responded to them saying that I wished I could put it on my standard line to try it out and received the response below.

It’s not bad. There are other phones you can get on contract for less cost that exceed it’s features. But it is definitely great for pre-paid, no doubt”.

While even I will say that a 3G only phone on Verizon’s network isn’t great by any means, unless that phone sells for less than $100 with no contract.  You also need to remember that you can’t just buy this phone for $99 and use it as a WiFi only device. The phone needs to be activated on a prepaid line just to finish the set up process.

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