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Toshiba Chromebook Release Imminent From CES Images

Toshiba Chromebook Release Imminent From CES Images

CES is in full swing, and new manufacturers are expected to move away from Windows and try the Chromebook market. Toshiba was rumored to release a Chromebook at the event, and new images from CES confirm that. 9to5Google has posted an image of one of Toshiba’s booths with the sign “Chromebook For Everyday”. While an official announcement has yet to come, the company is now confirmed to release a Chromebook. A review of the device had been posted online Christmas Eve but quickly pulled. The review revealed that the device would sell for $279 and feature a 13.3 inch display with a 1366×768 display. It will house an Intel Haswell chip, but the amount of RAM is unknown. Otherwise the device is similar to most other Chromebooks currently on the market. The quote below pulled from the leaked review tells us a little bit about the design of the device.

The lid of this model features a subtle texture, a stippled pattern that provides some visual distinction from other inexpensive Chromebooks. The body of the laptop and the trackpad both feature Toshiba’s distinctive U-shape with rounded top corners, in keeping with its current design ID across the brand.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the upcoming Toshiba Chromebook and other news from CES 2014.


Via: Android Authority

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