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How To Bypass My Family Account On Windows Phone

How To Bypass My Family Account On Windows Phone

    Many people who received phones running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system are unable to download apps, and are faced with a screen asking their parents to set up a “My Family” account. Then, when the person or their parents go to do just that, their browser is unable to load up the webpage that would allow them to complete the task, and are stuck in a frustrating dilemma: They have no way to download apps.

    Microsoft makes the parents of anybody under 18 set up a “My Family” account, to have more control over what types of content a child can download (to avoid getting sued by parents whose children download an FPS). If you receive a message telling you to have your parents set up a my family account, then your birthdate has Microsoft considering you as not yet of age. While Microsoft has good intentions with this feature, and I’m sure it caused everybody to avoid many problems when it worked, it doesn’t work now, so it’s a moot point.

    Microsoft normally only allows people to change their birth date through a complicated process. However, for some reason, this short URL does the trick.

Simply log in with the Microsoft Account that you plan on using with your Windows Phone (not the My Family account you may have tried to set up), and click “edit personal info”. From there, you can change your birthdate to something over 18. (The year of 1994 or earlier as of the time this article was written.)

At this point, you should be able to download any app you want from the Windows Phone Store with ease (though it might take a couple of minutes to update).

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