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Moto X Now $399 Off-Contract – Verizon Variant Moto G To Cost $99?

Moto X Now $399 Off-Contract – Verizon Variant Moto G To Cost $99?

Motorola definitely wants to make big news today. First they announced that the Moto X would cost a mere $399 without a contract. This brings it down from the previous $499 after huge success with the Cyber Monday special (which happened several times) of selling for only $349 without a contract. So if you missed the deal of $350, you can still pick up the phone for only an extra $50. This goes for the 16GB Motomaker variant of the device on all networks. The 32GB version and the Developer Editions will cost $449.

The Moto G has already been proved to be one of the best values for any device at only $179 without a contract. The device even has KitKat already. The GSM model has received high praise, and the CDMA model has yet to be released. Both Motorola and Verizon both confirmed the device would hit Verizon’s network. We all assumed that the device would cost the same $179 off-contract on the network, but new leaks are proving us wrong. While the retail packaging looks extremely different, the phone itself looks the same with no trace of Verizon’s infamous branding. Best Buy has confirmed to us both the price of the 8GB model as well as the release date. The device will cost a mere $99 without a contract and will release on January 9th. With a great user experience, low price point, on a strong network, Motorola may have a hit on it’s hands.



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