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Nexus X Concept Shows Off Beautiful Futuristic Design For Nexus Phones

Nexus X Concept Shows Off Beautiful Futuristic Design For Nexus Phones

We all want to dream of the future right? With the Nexus line this can be especially fun because we never quite know what we are going to see. One year it was a curved glass display, then a premium glass back, now a minimalist, yet beautiful design. The Nexus line changes year in and year out and one graphic designer shows off what he wants to see for a future Nexus. 

He calls it the Nexus X and it sports what would most likely be the best specs in the history of smartphones. Obviously some of these components don’t even exist yet, so this concept is still way ahead of it’s time (maybe). The “Nexus X”, is a smartphone made entirely from a single piece of matte stainless steel with chamfered edges around the phone and power button. The front of the phone has virtually no bezel at all with an edge-to-edge-to-edge-to-edge display. Try saying that five times fast.

The device would pack a 3.2 GHz octa-core processor with 6GB of RAM, and if that sounds like overkill you might want to wait and see why it has all that power. It would also house a 6.5 inch 4K AMOLED display with Sapphire Crystal glass. The device would also hold a 6,000 mAh battery inside. The device would also have a touch-sensitive side that would act as the volume rocker. I’ll get to the camera a little later because they are just that cool. The device would connect and charge via USB 3.0 and contain LTE radios along with the standard NFC, Bluetooth, and more.

While all these specs sound like pure fantasy, they are more likely to happen than this next part. On the software side, the device would have 3 boot-up options. Stock Android 4.5, a slightly skinned version (which is shown in the above render) and CyanogenMod. That is probably the least likely part of this entire concept but it’s a nice thought, Staying on the software side, remember that crazy processor and 6GB of RAM, here’s where it comes into play. When the device is docked and hooked up into a monitor, you would have the option to run Chrome OS or Ubuntu. The Chrome OS feature has been dreamed about for a while now by Android and Chrome enthusiasts so we can expect that to come to reality one day, whether it’s officially from Google or unofficially from a developer. 

Now I told you that I would come back to the cameras. The graphic designer who came up with this concept really needs to do this full-time because he has some seriously cool ideas. On the back of the phone you would find an overwhelming 30MP shooter that shoots 8K video. While that sounds exciting (because it is), what is really cool is the front camera. Since this device would have a display that reaches all 4 edges of the phone, there’s no room for a front camera right? Wrong. This phone would have a completely transparent front facing 5MP camera underneath the glass. Yes you read that right. Hiding the camera and speaker underneath the display could bring a new meaning to a minimalist design.

Since this is a Nexus, the price has to be lower than it’s worth, but this one is tough. To keep in the same ballpark with previous Nexus price points, Google would have to do some major subsidizing. If this phone does come to reality it would be price like a premium phone, and it would still be subsidized. The designer of this concept says that the base model of the phone would sell for about $650 (£400) unlocked. While this is much higher than previous Nexus phones, it’s definitely a reasonable price for what you get.

Keep in mind again that this phone is entirely a concept and is in no way a leak. It’s not from Google and most likely wouldn’t exist because most of these components won’t even exist for years to come. But it’s nice to dream right?


Via: TheTechnoToast

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