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Introducing OTON AyR! + Exclusive Interview with Derrick Samuels!

Introducing OTON AyR! + Exclusive Interview with Derrick Samuels!

OTON. What is OTON? Today we will be talking about OTON and also having the privilege of interviewing the CEO of  EnGeniux Mr Derrick Samuels. Now I personally stumbled upon OTON earlier this year and I honestly think that with the right team, developers, and leadership we can see this console go the distance. Now today EnGeniux announced a new product called OTON AyR  Below I am providing the press release along with a short 2 min video about OTON AyR!

EnGeniux proudly introduces the next generation of PC, gaming, and multimedia autonomous ubiquitous computing devices for the twenty-first century. The OTON AyR (PC) works as a support system for the OTON console or as a independent platform for photos, videos, and games. For the first time gamers, photographers, and camera operators can take their experience beyond the living room or closed work environment. 

The OTON AyR hands-free device syncs up with the OTON AyR eyewear and wristband for an experience unlike anything ever seen before! The orb has a front-facing 360-degree camera, and some models have a rear-facing camera to capture a full 360-degree view of the world. With the OTON AyR in action, the camera can project game-like charterers, objects, and environments over the real world via OTON eyewear for a new type of interactive and creative experience. The AyR streams this data with the OTON eyewear for an even more interactive engagement.



Now along with OTON AyR  they are also going to be working on the AyR Wristband and EyeWear! 

The OTON AyR bracelet is EnGeniux’s next-generation wristband. The wristband works with the OTON AyR as the primary system to control the AyR. It also doubles as a watch, motion game controller, and exercise and health meter. This device was created by inventor Derrick Samuels, CEO of the EnGeniux Corporation. The OTON wristband can work independently of the OTON AyR in certain situations.

–   Use the OTON AyR eyewear to plug in. Plug in to see what a friend sees or captures with his or her eyewear.

-Experience 2D and 3D games in a new spectrum.

-Turn the real world into a 3D world.

  See what the AyR sees.

AyR Wristband

AyR Wristband

AyR Eyewear

AyR Eyewear

Now I was able to perform a short interview with Derrick Samuels to help us get a little closer to him and the console he is working on!



Alex Garcia- iTechTriad

Alex Garcia- iTechTriad

Derrick Samuels- CEO EnGeniux

Derrick Samuels- CEO EnGeniux

Alex: First off Thank you Derrick for giving us the chance to interview you! How are things going over at EnGeniux? 

Derrick: Great! I’m happy for iTechTriad’s interest in OTON and our products. 

Alex: For our readers and those who have not heard of EnGenuix would you mind explaining to them more about your company and your plan for the future of gaming? 

Derrick: Sure, I started in the field in 2004 after being laid off from my job. I took a chance and poured my 401K into my first company Envizions. My first console was EVO Smart Console. A beta system that was released around 2009 to 2011. We created limited units for testing and evaluate the market. These units sold out and still are in use today. In late 2010 I had an idea for a much different console. The idea really hit home, after I reached out to a famous developer to create a sports game for us but the deal fell through because they wanted $50K. At that point I said it had to be an easier way to build a game to complete with the other consoles. Then it hit me…automation (OTON)! The future of gaming I see is a complete automated and intelligent system. With the OTON product line we plan to change how you think about gaming! 

Alex: OTON AyR public retail release is scheduled for 2016 but you are sending out developer models 2014. Anytime frame on when you expect to ship out to developers?

Derrick: Yes, today we’re doing our second planned to raise $25K. If we hit that goal, we can do developer AyR units as soon as the summer of 2014. 


Alex: How do you plan to implement the AyR EyeWear alongside the AyR Wristband? 

Derrick: The OTON AyR PC can project real-time games and take 360-degree photos and videos with its built-in HD cameras. The system can hover around the user from a safe distance for hands-free photos and videos. The end users have complete control via the OTON AyR wristband they wear. The OTON AyR tracks signals from the OTON wristband for real-time communication and user synchronization. The OTON eyewear takes in visuals from the OTON AyR, which hovers a few feet away from the users’ OTON eyewear. Now the OTON AyR eyewear can see from any distance or location as the OTON AyR feeds data to the user’s eyewear. The three devices work with each other for the best possible experience of games, pictures, and videos. The OTON AyR devices offer the first true virtual reality and video game augmentation. The OTON AyR offers EnGeniux’s next generation of autonomous, robotics, and ubiquitous computing in one device. 


Alex: Now Developers are huge in everything in the tech/gaming industry. What is EnGeniux doing now to get developers on board?

Derrick: Great question. We hope that developers will sign-up for the OTON beta we plan to unwrap on Christmas 2013! The first beta will cover the UI and I think that’s a good jump on for developers. In the future as we grow we plan to increase our efforts to bring developers aboard. 

Alex: Now something you probably get asked a lot but when will OTON become available to the public? 

Derrick: We would have had it ready for Christmas 2013 but our funding on was not successful…so I solidered on with self funding. However, the board we wanted to use want be ready until early next year. We have a few deals in the works that could help funding. So as soon as we get the board and build the final units…expect OTON X midsummer 2014. 

Alex: Derrick its been great talking with you, but before you go I have one last question I have to ask you. Do you think OTON can become the next big name in gaming? Also how do you guys over at EnGeniux intend to as some people call it “Change the Game”? 

Derrick: We have a chance. We just need the people that want OTON to support us and I will do my job to get it to market! I do believe OTON is a game changer! Again, thanks for having us today! We appreciate it! 


Will OTON reach success? Will they change gaming as we know it? Comment below with your thoughts! If you would like regular updates on what is going on over at EnGeniux follow them on their social networks and visit their website

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