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LG Announces All-In-One ChromeOS Desktop

LG Announces All-In-One ChromeOS Desktop

Chrome OS has been gaining traction in the marketspace since the release of the Samsung Chromebook last year. Now it’s nearly mainstream and new manufacturers are trying their hand in the emerging market. Following in the footsteps of Acer, Dell, and Samsung, LG is now looking to join the party. Their approach however, is a bit more unique. Until now, the only way to use Chrome OS on the desktop has been with a Chromebox, which by appearance looks like a Mac Mini, but under the hood is a Chrome machine. Now LG is announcing their 21.5 inch all-in-one Chromebase. Behind that 1080p IPS display, is a 16GB SSD coupled with 2GB of RAM and an unnamed Intel Celeron processor. While that might not sound like a great computer, it will actually provide a great experience with Chrome OS. This computer isn’t designed to compete with high-end PCs but will bring a new way for Google’s Chrome OS to become your go-to computer. LG also doesn’t look to be aiming at individual users with this new Chromebase, but at schools, hotels, call centers, and a variety of other businesses. LG hasn’t stated when the Chromebase will be released or how much it will cost but they will announce further detail at CES next month.

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