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Nexus 5 Receives Minor Hardware Redesign

Nexus 5 Receives Minor Hardware Redesign

Even though the Nexus has only been available for a little over a month, the device is already getting a hardware refresh. This hardware refresh doesn’t do anything drastic like adding a new processor or something, but instead simply fixes a few of the hardware problems users were experiencing. This isn’t the first time Google and LG have refreshed a Nexus device. If you remember shortly after the Nexus 4 was released, the device received a refresh that fixed the strange problem that made the device slide off of tilted surfaces like tables. 

The refresh to the Nexus 5 basically improves on two things, the buttons and the speakers. While not very noticeable, the buttons on the refreshed model of the Nexus 5 appear to have a slightly tighter fit. This will allow them to have less “wiggle room” and will probably make them a bit more durable.

The other thing improved on is something many users, including ourselves, complained about with the device, the speakers. Quoting from our review of the device, “the speaker sounds like $1 headphones from the Dollar Tree, on highest volume…”. Google and LG definitely seem to be trying to fix these complaints by increasing the size of the speaker holes. These larger holes should bring a slightly better sound, but it’s unknown if that is true.


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