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LG V510 Is Not A Nexus 8 But A Google Play Edition LG G Pad

LG V510 Is Not A Nexus 8 But A Google Play Edition LG G Pad

Rumors eailer this week stated that the unknown LG V510 would be an upcoming Nexus tablet. It was thought that it might be the heavily rumored Nexus 8 tablet. It turns out however that the V510 will not be a Nexus device, but instead a Google Play Edition of the LG G Pad 8.3″. This is made obvious by a reddit post that shows off the source code you see below. 

Leaked photos and benchmarks also help to confirm this upcoming device. The benchmarks state that the device will run Android 4.4.1 with a 1920×1104 screen resolution. The LG G Pad is a great tablet hindered by LG’s custom software, so while this new tablet may not be a Nexus 8, it will still be a great tablet that runs stock Android with speedy updates directly from Google.


Via: AndroidPolice

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