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Next-Gen Consoles Eat Your Heart Out

Next-Gen Consoles Eat Your Heart Out

Custom PC and laptop builders iBuyPower have announced their shot at the Steam Machine – a box smaller than the Xbox One, and only $499 too.

The Steambox will run Valve’s upcoming Steam OS, built around Linux, and will feature mid-range PC hardware – a multi-core AMD processor, an AMD R9 270 GPU, a 500GB hard drive, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (presumably 802.11 b/g/n). Sound familiar?

Not only that but the innovative Steam Controller comes bundled, however using PC hardware, we can assume a regular keyboard and mouse will also do the trick if desired.

No need for a big clunky power brick – that’s right, the power supply is fully integrated just like Sony’s PS4. And it’ll look just as cool too, with a glossy white exterior and a user customization light bar.

We are told current Linux games will run well at 1080p and 60 frames per second. But with Steam OS still to be released, and the ever growing console game library, it will be down to the major game developers that make or break this Steam Machine.

What would you prefer if you had $500? Console or Steambox?

iAdvisorUK, a.k.a. Jon Brent is a computer hardware enthusiast. He has built several PCs and uses both Mac and Windows daily. PC gaming is his choice over Xbox and Playstation.

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