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New Apple Patent Details Multi-User, Trackpad Controls With Touch ID & More

New Apple Patent Details Multi-User, Trackpad Controls With Touch ID & More

A recently released 612 page patent application to the World Intellectual Property Organization from Apple shows off some of the new features expected from the company. One part of the document shows that Apple is considering many new uses for their Touch ID system. These include mobile payments, navigation, and even multi-user support.

The first highlight of the massive patent application includes many improvements to Touch ID. A major part of those improvements revolve around enabling the sensor to sense gestures. This could include simple gestures such as a quick left-to-right swipe across the home button to move through an app’s interface and a swipe up to reveal iOS’ multitaksing screen. Other gestures could include making a circle around the edge of the sensor to toggle the orientation lock.

Another large portion of the application focuses on identifying who is using the device and changing the behavior of the device depending on that. The patent details multiple user profiles, similar to what is found on Android, opening a different profile with a different user’s fingerprint. Restricted profiles are also detailed which would make it simpler for a parent to disable certain functions when a child is using a device. Apple also details an interesting new “Guest mode” which disables certain applications and functions when active.

Overall the application includes over 464 claims. The WIPO doesn’t seem to appreciate the size of the application saying “there are so many claims, and they are drafted in such a way…as it is particularly burdensome for a skilled person to establish the subject-matter for which protection is sought,” while noting the application’s non-compliance with the WIPO’s “provisions of clarity and conciseness.”


Via: Apple Insider

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