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Asus ROG MARS 760 – Out if this World?

Asus ROG MARS 760 – Out if this World?

Faster than a GTX Titan? Yep.

Now you know Asus’ ROG MARS 760 is a Titan Killer, let me explain how it goes about doing so. We’re all familiar with Asus’ Republic of Gamers brand that focuses their time on hardcore gaming hardware. They have their own series of motherboards, gaming peripherals, and crazy looking, uber powerful graphics cards. And the MARS 760 is no different.

Asus has slapped dual 2GB 760 GPUs onto a single PCB, whacked a DirectCU II cooler on top, and gave the entire card a stunning red and black paint job.

Courtesy of those 760 GPUs, the card has 4GB of GDDR5 video memory, enough to pump out visuals at resolutions greater than Full HD 1080p, whilst retaining silky smooth framerates.

The DirectCU II cooler places 4 super conductive copper heat pipes directly onto each GPU, and adds two dust-proof fans, lowering temperatures by 20% and increasing the lifespan by 25% when compared to the GTX 690 (dual GTX 680s).  

Stable power is controlled by the 12-phase ROG DIGI+ VRM (voltage-regulation module), that reduces power noise by 30% and increases efficiency by 15%. Asus claims it to be 2.5x more stable than the reference VRM.

And finally, it wouldn’t be a ROG card without ROG styling, and they’ve went to town as per usual. As if the brash red and black shroud wasn’t enough, they’ve added a red pulsating MARS logo to the side of the cooler for additional bragging rights, just like the green GeForce logo you’d find on a GTX 780 or higher. To round things off, the rear of the PCB is guarded by a black aluminium back plate. Sleek.

A boost clock of 1072 MHz, 2304 CUDA cores and a 512-bit memory interface for that 4GB of 6004 MHz VRAM returns 14% greater performance than a GTX Titan on games such as Tomb Raider and Crysis 3 at 2560×1600. Astounding.

I think we can agree that this card is amazing, but if it’s performance you want, go with a cheaper 780Ti. However if you’re after one of the best styled graphics cards out on the market, look no further.

At £520, and the US price still to be certified, will you be picking a MARS 760 up?


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