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How To Switch Update Channels On Chrome OS

How To Switch Update Channels On Chrome OS

If you have a Chrome OS device and want to try out new features sooner, you can try other update channels. On Chrome OS there are three channels, Stable, Beta, and Developer. The Stable channel is default and the last one to be updated. The Beta channel is updated before the Stable channel and gets new features sooner while having just a few extra bugs. This has been my channel of choice when I’m on a Chromebook. The final channel, the Developer channel, is the least stable of the group, but also the first to be updated. As soon as Google has a new feature or change it is implemented in the Developer channel. If you are new to Chromebooks you might not know how to switch, so here’s how you do it.

1. Open the Help menu. You can access this by opening a new tab and entering in chrome://help.

2. Click on “more info”. Underneath your system info you click on “more info”. This reveals more information.

3. Unless you did something seriously wrong, you should see a button that says “Change Channel”. After clicking it you will be presented with a menu that gives you the option to choose a channel. Since I am on the Beta channel I will be changing to the Developer channel. I suggest you only do this if you want a feature that was just announced as the Developer channel is unstable. If you can handle waiting a little longer use the Beta channel. Once you have chosen your channel your Chromebook will download the required files in order to update you to the new version. Keep in mind that while downloading a new version of Chrome OS is easy, going to back to another channel takes time. Basically if you switch to another channel and choose to go back, you have to wait for the other channel to catch up to the one you are on.

Hope this tutorial helped everyone! If there are any other tutorials you would like to see please leave a comment below!

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