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2013 Nexus 10 Leaks Out – Possible Release Date

2013 Nexus 10 Leaks Out – Possible Release Date

Google has been delaying the releases of their Nexus devices this year which is keeping us on our toes. The Nexus 7 didn’t come at I/O as we all expected and the Nexus 5 took it’s sweet time coming to our doorsteps and the Nexus 10 has been no exception. After it surprisingly did not release with the Nexus 5, people started wondering where the refresh to their favorite 10 inch tablet was (no offense iPad lovers). It looks like a couple Reddit users may have just helped us out in the wait.

The first leak comes from an employee of Telefonica (we don’t expect him to hold that position too much longer) in a Reddit post. He says in the post that he has an image of the 2013 Nexus 10 as shown in their database. He claims that it is genuine even though he thinks that Telefonica made the render rather than Google due to the lack of a status bar. As you can see the picture above, the supposed next-gen Nexus 10 is running Android 4.4 KitKat possibly with the Google Experience Launcher currently only on the Nexus 5. The price on it is £299 which equates to about $482. This is probably the cellular version and the WiFi only version will probably be slightly less expensive.

The second leak also comes from Reddit but the post has since been removed. This leak shows off a nearly identical tablet with a giant LG watermark on it. Unless you have a TARDIS and can go prove me wrong I think this means we are going to see an LG made Nexus 10. Along with these leaks we see a speculated release date of November 22nd. Let us know in the comments if you are excited for these new leaks along with a new Nexus 10!

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