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Moto G Brings Motorola Shells Along With It, But What Are They?

Moto G Brings Motorola Shells Along With It, But What Are They?

Motorola today announced their low-cost, but high performance, Moto G smartphone. Unlike the Moto X, the Moto G doesn’t have a service that allows you to customize every aspect of the phone, so instead, Motorola introduces Motorola Shells for Moto G. The shells are backplates that are interchangeable bringing not only different colors to the device, but also different features.

Motorola developed these “shells” because they knew that their customers wanted their device to stand out from the ordinary. Initially when you buy a Moto G, your device comes in black. You can however, remove that back and replace it with one of dozens of Motorola shells. You can pickup shells in three different versions, standard with different colors, flip cover, or grip.

The standard shell does nothing more than change the color of your device. It appears that at least 7 colors will be available including blue, red, pink, yellow and more. These will most likely be the least costly of the group.

The flip shells allow you to not only change the color of your device, but add a magnetic cover to the front that prevents scratches on the screen. It also includes an auto-wake/sleep feature. This shell will be available in at least 7 colors. 

The last shell in the lineup is the grip shell. It changes the color same as the other but also provides a rubberized frame for extra grip and to help protect from impact. It also makes the device feel extra comfortable in the hand. 


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