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Moto G Could Be A “Google Play Edition” Moto X – Leaked Specs

Moto G Could Be A “Google Play Edition” Moto X – Leaked Specs

Motorola officially announced an event to unveil the Moto G smartphone last week. Rumors have pointed to several different places including better specs over the Moto X from a lower cost version, possibly both. We don’t have long to wait as the phone will be officially announced on November 13th. 

GFX Benchmark may have just given us some new information on this mysterious device. Technical specifications (as seen below) lead us to believe that we might see a Google Play Edition of this device. As you can see from the codename Falcon_gpe, this device may come in a Google Play Edition similar to the Galaxy S4 and HTC One. The leaked specs of the upcoming phone are below.


 – 1.2 GHz Quad-core

 – 1280×720 display (size unknown)

 – firmware motorola / Falcon_gpe / Falcon_umts: 4.4KRT16I.MO3600/627: Userdebug / Intcfg, test-Keys 

 – code name: Falcon_GPE

 – Android 4.4 KitKat


Stay tuned to iTechTriad for full coverage of the Moto G! 


Via: TuttoAndroid 


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