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Updated GPU Binaries Found For The Galaxy Nexus

Updated GPU Binaries Found For The Galaxy Nexus

When Google announced that they would no longer support the Galaxy Nexus, many of the phone’s loyal users (myself included) were disappointed. The reason was that the company that produced the phone’s aging processor, Texas Instruments, was no longer supporting it’s chipset. 

Now a user on XDA has uncovered updated code for the GPU of the phone. It now seems that Google may have intentionally cut off the phone from receiving KitKat or simply wasn’t aware that TI would be supporting the device any longer.

But that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that developers are now hard at work creating an updated kernal for the device. Thanks to custom ROMs many people still rocking the Galaxy Nexus will be able to run the latest version of Android with less flaws than expected. 


Via: DroidLife

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