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Nexus 5 Will Require A $75 SIM Card For Use On Sprint

Nexus 5 Will Require A $75 SIM Card For Use On Sprint

After receiving our Nexus 5 in the mail we tried to use it on Sprint’s network and after several minutes attempting to set it up on Sprint, we realized the phone would require a SIM card. Sprint does not sell SIM cards outright. So we tried popping in a SIM card from an HTC One. That worked perfectly. Unfortunately we had to send out our HTC One so we needed to get a new SIM Card for the Nexus 5. After about a dozen phone calls we finally went to our local Sprint store and talked to a representative about the matter. While talking to her we found out that Sprint charges $50 for a SIM Card. And that’s not all, starting November 8th, the same day the Nexus 5 will be available in Sprint stores, that price will jump to $75. The moral of the story, if you plan on picking up a Nexus 5 from Google Play for use on Sprint, you might want to cancel your order and just run away from Sprint. Excluding taxes and shipping the phone will cost over $415 as opposed to the $349 you would pay if you used the phone on AT&T or T-Mobile. Otherwise you might spend 5 hours waiting in a store full of people who are dead set that no phone of their network requires a SIM card and then watch them spend 5 minutes looking for the setting menu on your new Nexus. 

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